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Russia Continues to Play the US Like a Fiddle in Ukraine

There are those who do not study history, and those so incompetent they make history.

For all of Winston Churchill’s faults, and there were many, his warnings to start re-arming the United Kingdom and prepare for war in the mid-1930’s were largely ignored. He recognized the dangers of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini but the government was more concerned with pacifying the population instead of dealing with a major international threat that was building to a climatic ending.

The same is happening now to the United States’ incompetent State Department and a Presidential junta run by yes men instead of real leaders.

The Russians have basically measured President Biden and found him corrupt and worse, waning in his ability to understand and deal with massive geopolitical issues. The result of this lack of leadership at the top leaves international issues to Secretary of State Blinken, a creature of America’s elitist schools which fail to provide real world experience to the threats facing our nation and what’s left of the Western alliance.

The stories today illustrate that Joe Biden is not Neville Chamberlain; nay, he’s far worse, as his administration appears willing to sacrifice Ukrainian lives for global peace.

Russia, Ukraine agree to uphold ceasefire in Normandy talks

What most people do not realize is that this agreement only applies to a non-existent ceasefire in the Donbass region which has been violated dozens of times per day for years now. If Russia decided to “violate” the ceasefire by invading from Belarus, technically that Minsk agreement does not apply.

NATO rejects Russia’s ‘red line’

This failure to recognize the sensitivities of the Moscow government just gave Putin the green light for an invasion into Ukraine and quite probably sooner, if not immediately, Georgia.

Biden warns vital Russian gas pipeline into Germany Nord Stream 2 will NOT go ahead if Putin invades Ukraine as president ‘kicks out’ 27 Russian diplomats from DC

Uh, Senile Joe, please pay attention. The Russians and Germans are already testing the pipeline and will ignore you.

“Russia Knows Crossing Red Lines Would Immediately Trigger Painful Sanctions”

In this article from Der Spiegel International, the German Economic Minister says the following:

We must not rule anything out from the very beginning. And it has already been agreed to in the German-American communiqué from July 2021 that Germany and its European partners will take appropriate joint action if Russia seeks to use energy as a weapon or takes further aggressive action against Ukraine.

Translation: The Germans do not want their people to freeze to death so screw Biden and we’ll just send a stern letter.

Oh, and 5000 helmets (seriously).

UK troops set to join defence of Europe ahead of potential Russian invasion of Ukraine

Translation: We’re going to watch.

To the people of Kiev and hard core Ukrainians, welcome to becoming Sudetenland 2022. Let’s hope President Biden is weak like Chamberlain and not insane like his behavior. The stakes, as are the weapons that can be used, are much higher for the world. Sorry for your upcoming loss.

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