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Russian Soldier Calls out the Coffee Warriors, and It is an Epic Slap Down

I have no horse in this race but some of these guys who appear on Fox News, push average coffee, and then proclaim insane things (like supporting gun control) were just slapped back into their latte.

Just wow:


Some Americans made a video and Posobiec re-Tweeted it (I trust his opinion) and it’s not pretty:

Oof. This is not an isolated warning. The “mercenaries” couldn’t bring their own gear across from what some have said in other videos, in other cases, the “volunteers” for the home guard are getting 3-5 days worth of training then shipped to the Kiev meat grinder with nothing more than an old AK-47 and one or two magazines of ammunition.

Regardless of which side is promoting what propaganda, the truth is probably somewhere in between. Some units are probably getting sparse supplies, others allowed to bring their own gear and well armed depending on experience. The truth is never believe either side nor trust them during a war and your personal life expectancy will probably be extended.

No matter the truth, let’s see how the baristas reply to the Russian in the first video. Personally speaking, if I were still of age, I would not go anywhere near a front where the risk of a tactical nuclear strike by Russia was that high.

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