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Saigon 2.0: Does this Look Like an Empire to be Feared?

If it looks like Saigon repeated, and it sounds like Saigon repeated, it must be Kabul. Got it.

Courtesy of the internet in the last 24 hours. Yes, Senile Joe, you should be ashamed but you are too out of it to understand the chain of events you have unleashed with your incompetent staff and leadership.

For some reason, I don’t think Beijing is impressed.

Weird. Sounds like a whimpering surrendering superpower to me. But Secretary of State Blinken (pictured below) denies this.

Sorry, my bad, all the limp wristed wimps all look alike. But it gets better, right?

“Peace in our time” right Senile Joe?

I guess he’s choosing to wander off into the sunset. Oh, but in Kabul? Full on panic….

“It’s contained.”

At least the globalists have their patsy. Thankfully, no one will threatens us when this over, right Joe?

Oops. Good thing our borders are secure. Oops.

Time to declare victory and, er, uh, nevermind.

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