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So Far, 2021 is 2020 on Steroids

Whew. Thank the Good Lord that 2020 is over.

Welcome to 2021 and we are four days in and the world is still rational.

Er, uh, well, maybe not so much:

Masks for cows aim to filter burps to curb greenhouse gas emissions

I was worried for a minute there this was a serious story from Canuckistan’s CTV. Then I read it again and yup, it’s real:

A company has developed a burp-catching device for cows in hopes that the invention will help curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The U.K.-based startup ZELP — or Zero Emission Livestock Project — claims that its burp-catching masks will help slow the spread of greenhouse gas emissions, a key component in the force of climate change.

The mask is a muzzle-like contraption that monitors the percentage of methane being released by a cow. When the monitor detects an excessive amount of gas, it then converts the methane gas into water and CO2 and releases it from the device.

I’m beginning to doubt my desire to become addicted to hard narcotics. But hey, it can’t get any worse can it?

Three Grammy nominees decline their own nominations because they’re white

How noble, how brave, how inept.

They will forever be remembered for being forgotten.

Thankfully, it’s no longer 2020, right? Uh, er….

That’s right, time for a sound investment strategy!

Thank you to Hedgedin on Twitter for this. I think. Because investing in things that don’t make money always works out in the end.

But hey, the year is young, it can’t get any stupider yet, can it?

Perhaps drinking is not going to be enough for 2021. Then again, it worked for 2020 so how can it possibly get any stupider?

Thankfully that was in Canuckistan again.

But it does sound a lot like something the big city American Democrat Police Chiefs would brag about.

Thankfully though, Sleepy Joe hasn’t fallen off the wagon yet and said something stupid in the past month, right?

Joe Biden Estimated 250,000 COVID Deaths This Month. He Was Off By 178,000

Okay, now I’m done. Hard narcotics might be appropriate. If this is how 2021 is going to go, I’m going to need an addiction of some sort to cope.

Or perhaps a new nation.

President DeSantis does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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