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Something Wicked this Way Coming?

Why oh why is the Washington, D.C. area being fortified and reinforced so as to be preparing for war or martial law? The circumstantial evidence is terrifying as of 8 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday night January 10, 2021.

These videos were from Saturday. Now what happened next?

A busy day at Joint Base Andrews just outside of D.C. and this is what was noticed before the East Coast air traffic control blackout due to a “Covid outbreak” at an ATC facility in Virginia.

No biggie, right? Probably just my Spidey senses going off.

Then this afternoon at the Supreme Court, well, here ya go:

Hoo boy. This isn’t for a “show” during Joe’s party.

Then tonight, more troops disembarking in D.C.:

Attributing this to a “riot” which did not persist nor any sign of it continuing while 99.9% of the people went home and did not participate, does not fit the narrative of the Federal Government ordering this many forces into our nation’s capitol while fortifying key buildings also.

Also, just as a side note:

Has anyone heard from or seen President Donald J. Trump in the last 72 hours?

Just wondering out loud….

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