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The Assault on Free Speech Continues: Deplatformed by GoDaddy

Just when everyone thought there would be a pause before Jose Stalin Biden took office, well, here we go:

Currently they are operating on their backup site,, but in the interim, they are without a long term solution for a hosting service. I am sure they will find someone to migrate to as they have been around since 1996, but as TheTruthAboutGuns wrote about tonight:

The assault by power-drunk tech giants on topics, viewpoints and subject matters that don’t conform with the current approved, bien pensant orthdoxy continues. ARFCOM has just posted this tweet announcing that GoDaddy has booted them from their service. Because they can.

But why? Why would anyone boot a website that pays its bills, abides by the Terms of Service, and has caused little if any stir in the grand ocean of websites hosted by GoDaddy?

Because they can.

Because it violates the “feelings” of some squishy CEO somewhere.

Because firearm ownership is objectionable.

My website is not long for this world either, so do not look for this website to survive much longe. I might have to put post it notes on palm trees, but I will be God Damned if I will submit to a tyranny funded and founded by asshole liberals who despise our nation’s Constitution.

The line in the sand is now being crossed hourly.

Make your stand now.

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