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The Biden Junta Apparently Left Pallets of American Cash Behind in Hasty Retreat

Apparently our retreat from Afghanistan was so poorly planned that the weapons we left behind was shocking. There are some neocons denying it was “really all that much or modern” but I’ll leave that for the military experts to review and dispute.

John Cardillo posted a Taliban video yesterday showing off their booty of weapons but wait until the thirty second mark to see something that will make my reader go “wow.”

Absolutely shocking; not just the quantity of weapons but the amount of cash seen in this video which is in the millions of dollars. If this was a CIA operations post, it makes sense to store this much cash, but it almost seems as if they were “instructed” to leave the cash behind instead of burning it. Obviously poor Afghans would not leave it behind so it’s logical to assume that this was a U.S. intelligence operation station of some sort.

IF there is one, there are more so perhaps the freezing of their accounts in America and stealing their gold at the Federal Reserve is just a tad bit overblown. With these large cash drops, probably all over the country, the terrorists can now pay for operations around the world and finance God knows what.

Well done Senile Joe, well done.

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