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The British Royal Navy is Now Officially a Joke

Centuries ago, the Union Jack was a fearsome sight to behold on the high seas.

After this year, it is now a bigger joke that the United States military and our politically correct circus show. Need some proof? Watch the video in the X posting from yesterday below.

The British media had a field day with this story as it was reflective of just how pathetic a once proud nation that had a global empire has become.

Oops! Embarrassing moment Royal Navy warship crashes into another as it gets stuck in reverse on Gulf missionUK Daily Mail

Navy investigates collision between two British warships off BahrainUK Guardian

In the Guardian story, the subtitle was “Footage appears to show HMS Chiddingfold reversing into HMS Bangor” yet it one listens to the video above, it did not appear at all. That was a full on collision where the Captain’s failure to prevent the accident allowed for the video to go viral which makes the press release from the Ministry of Defence an even bigger joke.

Watch: Royal Navy warships crash in BahrainUK Telegraph

SEA SMASH: Royal Navy collision – Watch as warships crash in second smash in two years as sailors battle to stop vessel sinkingUK Sun

Royal Navy warship HMS Bangor on verge of sinking after horror crash off coast of BahrainUK Express

Two Royal Navy warships collide off coast of BahrainBBC

The damage to the two ships was substantive and put them both out of service for months as they will require extensive repairs and probably a new Captain for the HMS Chiddingfold after an investigation into the obvious act of incompetence, despite the public information released as a mechanical failure.

Thus one can see the United Kingdom is not having one of its better years.


The story moves is much, much worse than this one incident however. Just two weeks ago, this story broke and from this version by the UK Daily Mail things are much worse for the once glorious “navy that ruled the seas” than being publicized:

Royal Navy has so few sailors it has been ‘forced to decommission’ two warships so its new frigates won’t go unmanned

Wait one minute.

The same navy that defeated the Spanish Armada, the Germans at the Battle of Jutland (debatable), and won the Falkland Islands War can not even find enough sailors to send ships to sea? Excerpt from the article above:

Drastic shortages of sailors have forced the Royal Navy to decommission two of its warships, it was reported last night.

HMS Westminster and HMS Argyll were allegedly retired so their crews could transfer to the service’s new Type 26 frigates. The news comes as UK sailors were sent to the Red Sea to protect merchant vessels from Houthi rebels.

The retirement of HMS Westminster is controversial as it underwent expensive repairs in 2017 and only recently returned to service.

It’s worse than this article indicates. It is the exact same reason that one of the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, could not be deployed to assist the US Navy in the Middle East.

From the UK Telegraph:

UK aircraft carriers can’t be sent to Red Sea because of Navy staffing crisis


However, The Telegraph understands that RFA Fort Victoria, the only Solid Support Ship capable of providing the CSG with the amount of ammunition, aircraft, spare equipment and food required for a full deployment, is unable to sail owing to a lack of sailors.

While RFA Fort Victoria is a “crucial” component to the Carrier Strike Group, defence forces insisted the aircraft carrier is not “reliant” on the vessel and could be deployed without it. 

They added that both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales are currently being held at readiness in Portsmouth. 

The bureaucratic translation of that is, that the shortage of manpower is real and this is nothing to be sneezed at. If the UK can not properly deploy all of its forces as necessary and at will for critical missions, then a key portion of NATO’s defensive strategy against a fictional Russian war would be missing or unable to perform its mission.

Even the much vaunted Sunday Times has picked up on this story today:

How bad is it? The UK Telegraph had that story also on January 7th of this year:

Navy turns to Serco to recruit deckhands as force hits ‘rock bottom’

The UK Daily Mail exposed the problem at an even great level on January 5th:

Royal Navy forced to turn to social media to recruit for top commander role due to lack of interest in £150,000 role

Linkedin for a commander of a combat naval vessel?

Yup, it’s true:

What’s next? Twitchy commercials for the gaming freaks?

However, it is not just the Royal Navy. Once the pride of the combat fighting forces in the United Kingdom, the Royal Marines cannot meet their recruiting necessities.

From the UK Telegraph:

The Royal Marines are in a recruitment crisis – but can the Corps survive?

Sadly, it’s no longer just the Royal Navy and Marines. A US military official apparently either leaked or was found out to have said that the the British Army is no longer a “top-level fighting force.” From The Defense Post:

British Army No Longer Top-Level Fighting Force, Warns US General


A top-ranking US military official has reportedly told UK defense secretary Ben Wallace in private that the British Army is no longer considered a “top-level fighting force.”

The supposedly classified information was reported by British news organization Sky News, citing several defense sources.

According to the report, one of the sources claimed that the British Army will be unable to fully protect its country and allies “for a decade.”

NATO is in deep, deep trouble. Without the Royal Navy, perhaps the combined outdated naval forces of the European defense forces could unify and provide a viable temporary defense against a “Russian onslaught” in the North Atlantic.

But the notable decline of the United Kingdom as a nation, a culture, and a society has now led to a true threat to Western Europe as the United States military is declining as just as fast as the British.

And the implications of this ongoing decline have yet to be realized by our allies in Europe.

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  1. Daniel Barger Daniel Barger 01/21/2024

    Yes, the Royal Navy has become a joke. But it’s not as if the US Navy is any better. Compared to 30 years ago we are a pathetic shell of what we once were. Even savages like the Houthi aren’t afraid of us.

    • 01/21/2024

      That article is coming up next. But it’s not just the USN.

  2. Awwdorable Monstah Awwdorable Monstah 01/22/2024

    We. Will. Shut. This. Fucking. World. Down.

    Absolutely no more freebies. If they think the planet has a competency crisis now wait until billions of globalist non-Western leeches expecting a free ride find everyone has become as lazy as the people from the countries they came from.

    Die in a fire technocrats. Not even your AI girlfriends will love you.

  3. ontoiran ontoiran 01/22/2024

    wait…what about all the diversity that has been moving to england? aren’t they just itching to serve queen and country? (sorry; KING and country)

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