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The Capitalist World is Voting on Joe Biden

Even though the U.S. elections are technically over, the capitalist world still gets a vote in the American Presidential election. Sadly for Sleepy Joe Biden, the results are coming in:

The results are still coming in but with key technical support levels now appearing to capitulate, the US Dollar is but one of several indicators as to just how the vote is going. The vote of ‘no confidence’ in Joe Biden is not just about the policy projections and path of American policies, but on how his administration will govern on the global stage.

The dollar imploding is not a President Trump issue, it is a forward looking indicator that capitalists are seriously looking to pull money out of the U.S. in the future and gamble on other nations, including Communist China and speculative instruments like Bitcoin, etc. which offer some shield from the rhetoric indicated by his representatives thus far.

If the two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia fall to the quasi-Socialist Democrats next week, look for a hard break in the common U.S. Dollar index below 87 and a test of the 86 level within 60 days of Biden’s ascent into power.

Even the globalist billionaires know the U.S. is putting an administration into power that is anti-capitalist and worse, full of incompetent technocrats who think that top down economic management like China’s is superior to the now extinct traditional American model.

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