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The Fallacy of our Military Leadership

The United States of America is in deep dire trouble. When the Chief of the General Staff makes statements about alleged racism and Trump terror in the ranks, the Fake News media runs wild with it.

But when blatant incompetence is displayed and validated just three weeks later, the media is by and large silent.

Exhibit A:

Pretty sad.

What is even worse is that I’m already on the “list” as an enemy of the Republic just for stating the obvious with regards to stories like this. How does an enlisted man, NCO, or lower ranking officer who warned, fought, and bled for this war think now hearing bullshit like this?

There is no reason to go into a prolonged rant about what I have heard from insiders at CENTCOM or the NCO’s returning from Afghanistan and Iraq; there are literally thousands of stories and posts on this across the internet. This is just to remind everyone how bad things really are in Rome, aka, Washington, D.C. And this little tidbit does nothing to reflect truly how bad morale and leadership really is.

America is on the brink, not just politically and militarily, but economically. And it is all by design.

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