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The Fog of War: Russian Propaganda Machine Cranks Up

To say that the war is about to start, well, is an understatement.

I decided to drop in at our friends at RT this afternoon for their 10 pm Moscow time broadcast. Holy smokes, the way it was presented one would think that the Ukraine government was boiling babies on the Donbass border and flinging them at the pro-Russian troops.

For example, here are some screen shots from Russian media in just the last 5 hours:

But of course that’s for international consumption. For domestic consumption this page via RIA-Novosti (translated via Google) is just as impressive:

This one is from also for domestic consumption:

Needless to say thought, RIA-Novosti will not be topped by joining in with the RT crew:

After all the talking, all the nonsense, all the propaganda, the Ukraninan news service NEWS24UA summed it up best about all involved (translated via Google):

I feel the pain of the people in Kiev. It’s almost like a nation had ABC, CBC, CNN, NBC, FNC, all decide to promote a narrative to destroy a nation at a key time in its history.

Aka, propaganda.

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