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The Most Dangerous Texas Supreme Court Case

The one quote from the brilliant filing by Texas Attorney General Paxton is this gem:

“Our Country stands at an important crossroads. Either the Constitution matters and must be followed, even when some officials consider it inconvenient or out of date, or it is simply a piece of parchment on display at the National Archives.”

Think about those words.

This is almost a slap in the face of the Justice Roberts types which reside on the court. The Supreme Court had just vanquished the request for injunctive relief (application for certiorari still pending) from the state of Pennsylvania for a case as Mark Levin called it, a “black letter” case. It means that a straightforward legal case which should have been an easy decision, remedied via Constitutional means within Article II and the 12th Amendment should have been simple enough.

Instead they punted as is typical of a cowardly political group of elites scared to take on a cut and dry electoral case, much like the Supreme Court in 1876.

The Texas case however is much, much more dangerous. As of tonight fully one third of the U.S. has either signed on or offered amicus briefs in support of this application for a hearing. The Supreme Court has set a deadline for tomorrow for written responses from the four states named in the suit by Texas with political elites dismissing this case as nothing more than a “stunt” designed to give hope to Trump supporters.

The reality is however far deeper as the opening statement above outlines. There are true Constitutional issues which could trigger an unforeseen political reaction that the Supreme Court does not read as they are as isolated as the mainstream media in their District of Columbia bubble.

While the snobbery continues within the broadcast and political circles demeaning the 70 plus million who voted for Trump, they miss the main reason President Trump won election in 2016 and would have won again in 2020 if it were not for the massive DNC fraud. Trump won because the American people still sought out a legal and peaceful solution to the issues of corporate, media, and government attacks on our economic and personal freedoms. The line in the sand was drawn yet the proverbial powers that be refused to acknowledge its existence, including some of the current members of the Supreme Court.

A failure by the Supreme Court to address this blatant Constitutional abuse may well result in something far worse in the coming years than a Sleepy Joe Biden Presidency.

The consequences could be a non-peaceful solution to the abuses which appear to be primed to return in the years to come. This dangerous case from Texas might well be the final warning to those inside the beltway that they need this reminder once again; the two things that Americans do better than anyone else in the world:

The first being professional and collegiate sports on television.

The second is Civil War.

Pray that most of the justices choose wisely and not as political men in black.

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