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The Most Important Event From the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Nope, it’s not Chinese curling, which is hard to take seriously without Moosehead beer and fat guys and fat chicks from Canada eh dominating it.

And no it is not Winnie the Pooh appearing at the closing ceremonies.

Hell, their eyes aren’t even the same, any sane analyst can see that.

Then just what in the heck is the big event?

It’s not even in China.

Some people think it was the industrial park ski jump:

Ah yes, nothing smells or looks like an Alpine event like power company cooling towers, coal, and an industrial suburb in the background. Makes me just want to go out behind the exhaust of my car and inhale that Swiss pine scent.

In reality though the biggest event is not even part of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. This event is the last essential one but is only marginally related to the bigger one:

Why is this important and what is potentially the biggest non-Olympic event?

That’s simple if one looks at a time conversion chart:

One week from Sunday February 13th, life could get very, very interesting not just in Kharkiv or Kiev, but for the Western world as a whole.

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