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The True Terrifying Face of Modern Warfare (Videos)

Fear the Beavers:

One thinks that in this new era, the use of small quad-copter FPV drones would be prohibitively expensive against individual troops or small units. In reality, no longer as they can be mass produced and even dropped from larger drones orbiting the battlefield or just deployed by small squad sized units from the ground.

Since there is no place to hide as these videos from Ukrainian troops running from Russian operators demonstrate, the ground war beyond the artillery exchanges, has taken a terrifying turn towards a very, very dark future. That dark conflict will involve AI controlled mother ships will have the ability to drop smaller drones and hunt down human targets or infrastructure anywhere in the designated battle zone.

God help the individual soldiers in this environment.

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  1. VMS VMS 08/27/2023

    At some point, there will be countermeasures to these drones.

    • Chuck C Chuck C 09/06/2023

      There are countermeasures. Frequency jammers are readily available and cheap. There are also drone-hunting drones and shotgun shell nets.

  2. Chuck C Chuck C 09/06/2023

    The soldier on the battlefield is not who this type of drone warfare is for. It is for the tyrants to use on you and me if we get out of line.

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