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The TV Interview that Shook the Liberal Media to its Roots

On a day like today, which was all about recovery and helping clients, there is some spare time in the early morning to listen to various talk shows and business programs in my office. Needless to say, today’s interview on Bloomberg Surveillance with Professor Jeffrey Sachs was absolutely earth shaking to the leftist media narrative.

(Full transcript available via Real Clear Politics at this link)

The usual gaslighting by the Biden protective media service is one thing. The logical assumption that the United States or United Kingdom was responsible for this attack is not hard to assess and once the Russian submersibles reach the site, evidence from the sabotage should be retrieved. Thus even if Russia can prove that one of the Western parties was responsible, the state run media in America will simply gaslight again and claim the evidence was “planted” or some other such nonsense.

What was insulting in the interview was the dismissive attitude by the New York elites to Sachs’ warnings about the world being on the precipice of nuclear war. The British host in his arrogance of talking down to Professor Sachs is that just because he is not presenting facts, he is not entitled to his opinion. What Ferro fails to take into account is that once one has been stationed in a nation for a prolonged period of time, one gets to know the mindset of its leadership and the people and develop international relationships with government insiders. The Russians believe that the violations of the 1990 promises of the US and Europe not to expand NATO have been violated and that former Russian territories were going to be absorbed into that sphere to further box the proud nation in further.

The reality is that NATO, aka, the US leadership, is making the same mistake with Russia by assuming that they are nothing more than an advanced version of the Taliban in Afghanistan and thus trying to fight this proxy war to subdue the Russian people. There is this strange Dr. Strangelove type belief that the Russians will never enter into a nuclear exchange with the West to protect its nation. Soon enough the US-NATO proxy war is going to backfire spectacularly in the months ahead when the Russian winter offensive begins against a depleted Ukrainian military which will be annihilated.

The mindset of the Russians will never allow NATO to achieve their goals and if the governments in Berlin and Warsaw need a reminder of the cruelty of a World War, especially a nuclear one, they will learn it quickly.

As their nations will cease to exist.

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