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THIS is the Clown Expected to Intimidate Putin and Xi?

Dear God he can not even form complete sentences on top of lying his ass off.

Then we have his minions out there on Propaganda TV telling everyone that things are wonderful but due to Bidenflation you should make your own mayonnaise. Yes, seriously:

Now to be honest, this state sponsored speaker is saying nothing new to the prepper community. Most of us have been doing many of her suggestions for decades. But for the average middle class suburban feminazi, this is shocking, yes, shocking that they have to do anything menial to save money including shopping where “those” people shop.

Vladimir Putin has to be laughing his ass off. The Pentagon is wandering around looking for more support from the RINOs and other globalist warhawks to justify a major conflict with Russia. The Biden junta is just hoping he doesn’t drop a scoop of ice cream into his suit pocket in the mean time.

Biden’s incompetence will probably lead to the death of anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the weeks ahead. All because he and his son wanted to pocket millions of dollars from the previous Kiev government and he had no strategy on how to deal with a revived Russian and even more militant China ready to solve the Taiwan problem once and for all.

This will not end well.

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