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This is what America Held Hostage Looked like over 40 Years Ago

I know the American media does not want to relive their own destruction of a Democrat President who was an incompetent idiot.

But deja vu is here, all over again.

As I spoke with younger individuals over the past week, I was shocked to find out how few understood much less knew about the Iranian hostage crisis started in 1979 with the fall of Iran to Islamic radicals. When I explained what Nightline and Ted Koppel did, they were shocked. Thus I feel for the younger generation this recap might be helpful.

When I was much younger, okay, a lot younger, I could stay up late and watch this program hosted by Ted Koppel on ABC News at 11:30 p.m. ET every night, riveted by the daily drama if our hostages in Tehran would be freed by Ayatollah Khomeni. In the end it took Ronald Reagan’s election to scare the hell out of the Iranian regime, but are we here again with history repeating itself? Time will tell.

In the interim, enjoy this brief video via YouTube to understand the vibe of 1979:

There was not cable news, no internet, nothing for instant news beyond the networks and shortwave radio. Which is scary considering how easily the narrative was to control, just like it is now using the “modern” media. Sadly, there are no Ted Koppel’s, no independent journalists even if from the left, and no more ability to discern without checking sources around the world to find out what really is happening inside and outside our own nation.

Enjoy the history and the video.

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