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This is What The Media and West Hides From Their Sheep (Video)

Yesterday I posted a commentary with actual news articles promoted by the West and their governments highlighting the propaganda being produced to attempt to whip up a war frenzy against Russia.

Today, here is some video reality on the situation outside of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) as the Ukrainians attempt a stealth withdrawal to save what’s left of their military units still inside the city.

And yes, the Ukrainian cemeteries continue to grow:

My advice to all:

Trust but verify.

Do not believe what either side says in the fog of war but research it yourself. There are some honest brokers out there, yet few want to discuss what is happening in reality.

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  1. PeteForester1 PeteForester1 03/09/2023

    There’s enough money to piss away in Ukraine.

    There’s enough money to piss away on both American and ILLEGAL ALIEN welfare bums.

    There’s not enough money to keep Social Security, a TRUST FUND we’ve been REQUIRED TO PAY INTO OUR ENTIRE WORKING LIVES.

    I rest my case… If Uncle Sam wants to see a REAL takeback of America, the time is now…

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