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Vacation During the Chinese Virus Era is Somewhat Interesting

Or what I did on my Thanksgiving vacation…

Instead of sitting in Florida waiting on a cold front to chill the area, my wife and I decided to take a much needed vacation in Cancun before the new regime possibly comes to power and ends fun for all Americans who refuse to join her new party. As our families could not travel to Florida this Thanksgiving it was time to sneak in one more vacation before our first female President begins her reign of terror and disgust.

First, I have to compliment Jet Blue which seems to be one of the few airlines that has its act together. The crews were always professional, the service impeccable, and no late flights despite the efforts of Mexican security and customs to delay some passengers. The only complaint I can find is political which was a face palm moment, when the flight attendant said that “this flight was carbon neutral” blah, blah, blah, etc. And since alcohol is not being served on flights right now, I could not ease the pain until I made it home and ran first from the restroom then to my bar to grab a bourbon with a splash.

Walking through the Orlando International Airport and seeing it as dead as a shopping mall was fascinating. I remember preparing to depart from the lounge and noting there were more flights on the board to San Juan, Puerto Rico than both New York City airports, even though Newark was still fairly busy. It would appear that the dictatorship of Cuomo has not only killed tourism to New York City, but from there as well. This explains why so many residents up there Escaped from New York by driving down here before that idiot decides to start stringing barbed wire and land mines along his state’s border.

Right now, I’m beginning to understand the pain of vacation junkies as I’m going through mimosa withdrawals after killing a bottle of champagne every morning with my wife. The resort was amazing and other than a few rainy days, the weather was incredible.

Sadly, the paranoia about the ChiCom virus has hit the local governments hard there and thus the locals were very happy to see Americans visit the Yucatan again. The resorts are limited to 60% capacity but are at risk of a cut back to 30% in the coming weeks as the case counts rise. I wish the people there the best of luck as they were polite, professional, and in almost every discussion I had, happy to see the Americans(at least those of us who are polite enough to tip) return.

The Americans who were there were out for some fun and of almost every age group. It would appear that once you peel the veneer of politics away from the Chinese Virus scaremongers, the citizenry would rather just get back to living their lives and having some fun. Sadly, the return to reality means that the coming winter could well be as dark as the idiot proclaims he wants it to be.

Now that I am back, refreshed and have a better perspective on things, I shall update this website more frequently with articles from my perspective and analysis you may not hear anywhere else. So back to work and reality I must go and in the interim, I advise anyone who can take a vacation now to do so.

The opportunity to do so next year might be fleeting at best.

Especially if your papers are not in order.

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