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Vladimir Putin is About to Humiliate President Biden Once Again

The problem with installing an ignorant old man who is completely clueless regarding geopolitical affairs beyond acquiring graft for his family is that when the real crises hits, that leader is clueless as what to do. Thus as Vladimir Putin prepares for what I maintain is a long standing desire to finish his rule as President of Russia by destroying US hegemony in the world, Joe Biden sits in Delaware wondering why there isn’t a Golden Corral buffet line in his living room.

Thus when this announcement was issued this afternoon by the Russian Foreign Ministry, it should not come as a shock that President Applesauce Chin was not included:

Political advisers to hold four-way talks on Ukraine in Paris

Excerpt from the Reuters news article above:

Political advisers from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany will hold “Normandy format” talks on eastern Ukraine in Paris on Jan. 25, a source in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s administration said on Saturday.

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukraine’s chief negotiator Andriy Yermak, confirmed that a meeting in Paris was planned but told Reuters a preliminary date had been set for Jan. 26.

The story in and of itself would not be important except it indicates that the European Union has had enough of the amateur hour State Department exploits of Blinken and the former Hillary State Department incompetency.

The photos of Blinken and Lavrov shaking hands after the inconsequential 90 minute meeting between the two demonstrated the weakness of the American policy as illustrated by the US Secretary of State’s body language and results:

Fast forward to a meeting scheduled on Tuesday and further conversations being planned not by the United States but Russia and the United Kingdom’s defense ministers agreeing to meet in Moscow in an attempt to diffuse the situation:

Russian defence minister AGREES to meet UK counterpart Ben Wallace in Moscow as Tory MP Tobias Ellwood warns invasion is ‘imminent’ and Putin is ‘exploiting Western weakness’ – after Ukraine president predicted ‘large-scale WAR’

If one is keeping score at home that means that France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have all agreed to high level meetings in an attempt to diffuse the situation but the United States is no where to be found while Biden is totally lost when forced to discuss this situation:


But the humiliation for the Biden junta is far from over. This writer has long predicted that any major military action will not happen until after the Winter Olympics in Beijing so as not to insult President Xi of China and to prepare for larger events which will ensure the final demise of US influence on a global scale.

With the upcoming meetings involving European powers, the US is now sidelined for the moment. But in one last minute move to “maintain the peace” I am projecting one final foreign policy chess move by Putin to further insult and diminish the Biden regime.

By studying history as all KGB agents were required to, President Putin knows that Neville Chamberlain was exhausted by Hitler’s antics having him fly back and forth and stay awake in constant communications with Berlin regarding Czechoslovakia, Poland, and other affairs such as the German-Russian non-aggression pact. After watching the Hillary-Obama leftovers foul up the Afghanistan withdrawal, it’s quite easy to assume that the Russians have been planning for one more major piece of political theater.

This explains why I think the potential of a final geopolitical indignity to be inflicted by China and Russia upon America.

Putin recognizes Biden’s cognitive decline and inability to keep pace with rapidly changing events so at some point between January 26 to January 29th, Putin will give a major public address on national television. During this speech, he will invite President Biden to a face to face meeting for one last chance to prevent a conflict in the Ukraine by meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland on February 1st or 2nd with little time for the US amateur hour State Department to prepare.

Why Reykjavík? The public excuse would be to avoid having President Biden travel so far and to “meet him halfway in the name of world peace” or some other such nonsensical blather. If President Biden refuses the meeting, the consequences will be blamed on the warmongering aspects of his administration and US foreign policy as a whole. However, if the Biden regime accepts the meeting thinking that they could intimidate or move Putin into an equitable agreement, it would go forward with dire consequences for the United States on the international stage.

The end result of such a conference would be considered further insult to injury not just to exhaust the US President by making him fly to Iceland in the dead of winter for a meeting which will yield nothing more than a photo op. If anything, Putin will verbally berate the old man in private causing confusion and consternation among his staff. This will be the final message that the Russians send to the United States that they remember the humiliation of the Regan era, akin to France surrendering in the same rail car Germany was forced to during World War II.

Reykjavík will soon symbolize Munich and the Compiègne Wagon all in one shot, as NATO’s political effectiveness will disintegrate after the events which happen later in February as America flounders like a dying fish on the beach for all of the world to see.

Good luck Kiev.

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