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With Special Thanks to John Matze, CEO of Parler: How to Delete your Amazon Account

Tonight, it was announced that Amazon Web Services, a hosting company which thinks that they are God’s gift to mankind, would participate in the usurpation of the 1st Amendment by stating their web hosting services will be the sole arbiter of what speech is acceptable to their precious little snowflakes.

It started with this “Tweet” from some of their melting wallflowers:

Wow. A bunch of overpaid leftist zealot pussoirs think their feelings about climate change and false flag reports of bloodshed and violence which are overwhelming our nation’s capitol justify deciding the future of companies which disagree with their precious.

Eff’em I say.

So did John Matze, the CEO of which currently is on death watch as their hosting service is about to cancel culture them:


It’s not like 75 million Trump voters are going to suddenly quit Hell, I’m just going to let my subscription to Prime run out then cancel it.

But for a CEO of a decent, not bigly, sized corporation which advocates for free speech to come out and start firing off at the big boys like Apple, Google, and Amazon is refreshing to see. Let’s see if Gab grows a pair of balls and does the same.

In the mean time, as a former Amazon partner, I think my opinion on this subject is pretty damned clear.

I will rant until my website is banned by these effing Communists.

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