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You are Only an Insane Prepper Until You Aren’t

Folks, it has been a while since I have penned a piece on prepping and survival because I sort of figured people wanted their doom but didn’t want to really do anything about it. Waiting for something and preparing for it for decades only to watch people crack and lose it along the way doesn’t make you, the individual, any more right or wrong.

In fact, the worst case scenario is when you are proven right and everything you heard Alex Jones say comes true at the same time; then we all know we are screwed.

Sigh. Still waiting to see the gay frogs Alex. We have some sexually peculiar Cuban tree frogs in our yard, so if that counts for something, Alex may just have nailed it.

As things deteriorate, more and more people who were considered “normals” start to come up to you and ask for your advice. The basics are easy, guns and ammo, food, water/water purification. After that it gets difficult.

The biggest prep item of them all however is knowledge; I see this neglected every week the subject comes up. That’s why in my featured Amazon items this month I put up an ad for Where There is No Doctor, the must have book on medical information for one’s family when it truly hits the fan (see sidebar to the right).

That’s also why I have been preaching for over two decades for people to buy a shortwave radio, receiver if that’s all you can afford or a decent transceiver that covers the amateur radio and MARS (Military Amateur Radio Service) bands. Even if one doesn’t make contact with someone on the radio, at least you can listen to every detail and take notes that impact your ability to survive.

Lastly, and I’m enduring this in my household as well, is patience. Your loved ones will almost always be the first to crack. They might tolerate your hoarding boatloads of toilet paper, seed, and survival food as an oddity for years. But when the stress of a financial collapse on top of a potential global conflict and domestic civil war, well, that is too much for most to handle. Hell, I’m not sure how I will deal with it other than sitting on the front porch in a rocker with my AK-47 on my lap and a beer in the other while I watch and listen to the world melt down.

Folks, we may or may not be in the home stretch now. The worst case scenario is now in play with an incompetent, corrupt government in Washington, D.C. The American people and nation are splintering despite the happy-happy “we are the world” joy, joy talk of some “conservative” talk show hosts.

This nation is already dividing into 3, maybe 4 different geographical and political entities. Now it’s just a matter of if it starts in 2022 or 2032, not an if, but when.

Please, for those who tire of my rants like this, this is my final bit of prepping advice for a while. Tolerate your loved ones and show patience. Gradually introduce the bad news of the day, perhaps not ordering 1000 rounds of ammunition and a pallet of survival food in one shot and shipping it to her office, etc. Take your time, be the wise man, and not the fool; there will be plenty of souls around us who will act the fool and pay the price for it.

The time is now unfortunately and whether you think it’s August 1939 or April 10, 1861, it is up to the leaders to start doing what they have been training to do. Buckle up, as there is turbulence ahead, and a very bumpy ride downhill as we witness the implosion of American civilization.

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  1. Bear Claw Chris Lapp Bear Claw Chris Lapp 02/08/2022

    Didn’t the dark ages occur after the fall of the Roman Empire?

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 02/08/2022

      Much later. Actually was the blooming of the Arab empire and the spread of Islam. A lot of Greek science was saved, restored, and improved upon. After the Mongols, it got ugly though.

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