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Florida Laughs at Cocaine Bear and Raises the Pot with Cocaine Sharks

Cocaine bears are so 2022.

Try to top this Tennessee and Georgia:

Cocaine sharks’ off Florida may be feasting on dumped bales of drugs

This excerpt from the article above should keep people out of the water in South Florida for a while:

With so much cocaine entering the waters, Tom “The Blowfish” Hird wanted to find out whether the thousands of sharks off Florida were ingesting the dumped narcotics, and — if so — whether the drugs were having any impact on them. In “Cocaine Sharks,” which is part of Discovery’s Shark Week, Hird and University of Florida environmental scientist Tracy Fanara carry out a series of experiments to find out. 

Yeah, it might look something like this if the good Bolivian stuff for Tony Montana hits the water:


“Cocaine Sharks” is on the Discovery Channel at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Wednesday, July 26. 

Ok, so that’s not the trailer for the Discovery Channel show, but just think about the next SciFi spectacular:

Cocaine Sharknado

No other state can touch the adventure and bizarre world that Florida provides.

(h/t to Amygator on Twitter for giving me a heads up on this one)

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  1. dan liddle dan liddle 07/21/2023

    “I want sharks with friggin’ bales of cocaine in their stomachs! That’ll make ’em ill tempered!”

    – Dr. Evil

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