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Guess Who is Back…

Wow. What a week. From helping a friend out in driving rain on Tuesday put up plywood to craziness riding the storm out in Nokomis with the family where we had a good 8 hours plus of 100 mph wind gusts and some 120 mph easily.

Good times for a Florida Man, it’s how we roll.

I will have a prolonged rant about our new residents who are as dumb as a bag of dogshit when it comes to storms and not listening to locals or local news authorities (Hint: TikTok isn’t a great resource for Cat 4 hurricanes).

In the mean time, I have a lot of email to catch up on, apparently some market commentary as I do remember the stock markets being higher before this storm hit, and it does appear that after recovering from this storm I’ll lose my internet access again due to Grandpa Applesauce Chin and the start of World War III.

Good times baby, good times.

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