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JFK: Now M&M Candy to be Re-Launched as “More Inclusive”

And “JFK” does not mean John F. Kennedy.

America is now in the middle of a decline at light speed:

  1. The currency is a joke.
  2. The stock market is a fraud.
  3. The POTUS is a senile old fool.
  4. Our nation’s enemies are about to usurp what little global power we had.
  5. The US military is woke like a joke.
  6. People are wearing 7 masks on an airplane flight to protect themselves from a common cold.
  7. 35% of the population is worried more about “social justice” than empty grocery shelves.
  8. 60% of the population thinks high inflation is due to Jiffy Lube overinflating their tires during an oil change.


Then this story via Just the News:

M&M’s signature characters to be given makeovers, become ‘more inclusive’

Yes, seriously:

The maker of M&M’s candy has announced that its globally recognizable characters are about to be revamped in light of modern standards and will each receive more “nuanced personalities.”

Mars Incorporated, the company behind the colorful, crunchy chocolates, announced Thursday a new “global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive.”

Are you effing kidding me?

A chocolate candy created to melt in your mouth not in your hands but to provide empty calories is now worried about providing “social justice” in every bite?

America, we deserve to fall.

Or if God still loves us, hit this nation with that damned asteroid once and for all.

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