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Just when I thought I’ve Seen it All (Violent Video Warning)

It is getting very, very, very tempting to short Disney stock (Symbol: DIS) to $40 or worse.


First what was on ESPN today:

First and foremost, let me be honest with my readers. I watched a fight last night with some friends that reminded as to why boxing is over as a professional sport. The Diaz vs. Paul fight had some good moments then about 5 rounds of pure crap. It was like watching a 2022 Houston Texan against the Carolina Panthers NFL game. 100% pure waste of time.

But for ESPN to actually have the “Pillow Fighting Championship” as part of their filler lineup between Little League World Series games?

Hoo boy.

Amurica, y’all got too much time on your hands if you watched that. If you wagered on it? Seek professional help.

Of course, the “audience” is watching the professional “cornhole” championships if one can believe that per the local TV lineup:

The United States of America is on the fast track to achieving the end game in the movie “Idiocracy” and I need a Brawndo after seeing all this.

But wait, there’s more.

There is an actual referee as you see in the video above. Dr. Pepper is a sponsor and anyone can buy an official PFC pillowcase. And yes, they have villains also:

Great pillow block by The Joker in that shot, by the way.

And gang don’t worry, the woketard network of Disney/ESPN would never promote a sport without a woman’s division.

I was in the middle of writing a serious article on the US economy and the supply chain problems when that posting appeared on my “X” (Twitter) feed. My first thought was that this was a joke. But in reality, yeah, it exists, the winner gets a wrestling style championship belt and $5000 as the grand prize. If my readers do not believe me, watch the championship fight via YouTube and ESPN below:

I’m now officially on board with this.

I shall, like a realtor does with a subprime housing candidate, do what it takes to learn everything about it. Perhaps even I can start posting numbers and start as a bookie promoting the sport.

In the mean time while I ponder this, I think I shall continue to cheer on the idea of the Sweet Meteor of Death.

Because I think I’m allergic to Brawndo.

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