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Only in Florida: Insurance Sales-Bird Intercepted by Police

Just sigh.

One week, hell, one hour or one day, I would not like to open up my local news feed and see the bizzaro story of the day.

Welcome to Florida, the home of Jerry Springer (way to close to my house) and anything bizarre on one leg, two legs, or in this case, selling you insurance. Via Suncoast ABC 7 in Sarasota:

Bradenton Police answer call involving an Emu

Bradenton Police got a surprise when they responded to assist at a fire... an EMU!

You can click on the link to watch the video of the insurance bird walking down the street.

But between Senile Joe, the economy, potentially World War III, and now this, can we just have one day, just one day where my home state or region just doesn’t enter the news for being the strangest place on planet earth.

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