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So I Decided to Take a Week off From Reality and Guess What?

With the news of the last two weeks that another very close family member was diagnosed with terminal cancer and finding it out it was a dire prognosis as he may only have weeks to live, I decided to focus on the important things in life and the frivolous for a while. Add in the insanity on the so-called real world hitting peak stupid and I decided to take the past week off from this theoretical plane of existence created by the talk show honks and fake news media.

Guess what?

It was glorious.

I understand why people tune out and are disgusted by our fraudulent society.

Watching and listening to the news off and on only to hear about the joke that was the impeachment, the absurd actions by the pathetic political elites, and the so-called “financial news” mainstream media was disheartening in one aspect, but hilarious when you really don’t care.

America has gone from the home of the brave and land of the free by morphing into the house of cards and the land of the fraud.

My mini-vacation is over, my Bucs have won the Super Bowl further infuriating the social justice class elites, and work has become overwhelming as in my home state of Florida, we did not shut down and the economy is still chugging along.

Just how absurd has it gotten? A nobody seeking publicity is bitching about this:

What was the complaint and why was she complaining?

An apology? For celebrating and having fun with something that doesn’t even belong to her? “Her family’s legacy” was insulted?

That’s how asinine and pathetic our culture has become, to seek publicity on someone else’s coattails and get that fifteen minutes of fame by saying “look at me, I’m the victim” once gain.

This minor sideshow is nothing compared to the circus structures in our nation’s capital city and on Wall Street. What is happening with the pandemic, the political elites, and our financial system will be defined by the word “shitshow” in future dictionaries.

Thus it is time again to comment on the chaos, and wow, is our society hitting peak chaos at this time.

Our society is in rapid decline and I can hear the barbarians at the gates playing their music as the full faith and credit of our nation is imploding with each tick up of cryptocurrencies and equity markets.

Roma invicta, indeed.

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