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China Considering Occupying Bagram Air Base as Predicted

In the ancient past, as in way, way back on August 18, 2021, I predicted the following in this article Biden’s Kabul Disaster Could Last Until September 11th or Much, Much Longer:

The day PLAA aircraft begin landing at Bagram, seizing effective air supreiority of the region and preventing any retaliatory air attack by U.S. or NATO forces, will be the true end of this crisis.

I might not always get my dates or times right, but by God this one any individual who studied the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia could figure this one out. Confirmation of the speculation I wrote about came from none other than the old US News and World Report in this article:

China Weighing Occupation of Former U.S. Air Base at Bagram: Sources

The secondary headline speaks volumes:

Building on friendly relations Beijing has secured with the new Taliban government in Afghanistan, China is now considering new ways to expand influence and embarrass the U.S.


From the article:

The Chinese military is currently conducting a feasibility study about the effect of sending workers, soldiers and other staff related to its foreign economic investment program known as the Belt and Road Initiative in the coming years to Bagram, according to a source briefed on the study by Chinese military officials, who spoke to U.S. News on the condition of anonymity.

In other words while Americans and the clueless US administration are adrift paying attention to football, holidays, crashing markets, and a crashing economy, the Chinese are still playing 3D chess while our leadership has to explain tic-tac-toe to the President.

Once the Chinese offer to pay a lease to provide much needed cash flow to the Taliban, the consolidation of power will be complete and the threat of US drone actions on Afghan territory will decline dramatically. Not to mention the Chinese Communist government can act as a strong man mediator to “force” the Taliban to release US hostages into their care and custody so they can declare a major propaganda victory of the hapless Biden regime.

This disaster is of such an epic proportion it can easily shift the strategic balance of power in the region and send the United States packing out of that region with limited “over the horizon” capabilities to do anything in the area. It is truly a shame that the current regime has no adults in charge to point this out and provide some honesty as to the consequences of a feeble minded decision maker may well have on America’s future for decades to come.

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