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03.03.22 Russia-Ukraine War: 2000 UTC Update- Got Shortwave? You’re Going to Need It

The war grinds on.

At this time, it is just a war between Russia and Ukraine but with the total economic war being waged by the Globalist West, odds are the conflict will expand beyond this region.

03.03.22 2000 UTC UPDATE:

Is Kazakhstan sending troops into the battle?

If so, the world will find out in a week and the CSTO treaty was invoked by Russia in secret.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s recent comments should terrify everyone (via the UK Daily Mail):

Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov likens the US to Nazi Germany and repeats warning that WW3 ‘can only be nuclear’ in latest TV rant

Excerpt (emphasis mine):

Sergei Lavrov has repeated his warning that World War Three would be nuclear while at the same time accusing the West of fixating on his dire threats of destruction.

The foreign minister also compared the US to Nazi Germany in his latest rant after Russian forces seized the Black Sea regional capital of Kherson in Ukraine, its first major city after a week of fighting.

Vladimir Putin’s lackey said today: ‘It is clear that World War Three can only be nuclear.

This could really get ugly really fast, and the American public is totally clueless, believe me on that one.

Meanwhile, more evidence that Odessa is now squarely in the Russian cross hairs:

Even if it was not seaworthy, it had to be scuttled to prevent it from falling into Russian hands.

Hmmm, having a shortwave radio; where have I heard that suggestion before. Hint:

You are Only an Insane Prepper Until You Aren’t

By the way, Amazon has two nice, affordable rigs to the right sidebar and at the end of this article. Don’t go cheap you’ll regret it. This brief video of the USAF broadcasting an EAM(Emergency Action Message) should provide some “inspiration” to prep harder and faster:

In other areas,Mariupol is under siege:

I shall try to post an update later tonight or in the morning depending on what time my flight lands in Tampa.


03.03.22 1530 UTC UPDATE:

That will probably result in even harsher “sanctions” which will trigger a counter reaction from the Russian government. And just as I start typing this the European Union announces they are seeking to eject Russia from the WTO (World Trade Organization).

Meanwhile, it would appear that Russia might well be the first nation to gamble on the experiment to divest itself from dependency on fiat currency and some degree of a return to the gold standard:

At the same time the Russian government issued that order, the 20% VAT tax on gold was also repealed. This means that citizens are now encouraged to hoard gold, a wise move considering that global instability is only increasing.

More to add later today, the offensive on Odessa appears to on the verge of starting in the next 48 hours.


With the Kherson campaign winding down, look for Russia to prepare an all out assault to encircle and assault the city of Odessa within 72 hours. Once that port city has been seized by the Russians, all efforts to cut the country in half and isolate every Ukrainian unit east of the Dnieper River. What is puzzling is the lack of action to seize the areas along the Polish border to stop the flow of arms to the Ukrainian military. One would have thought that the apparently incompetent Russian generals would have prioritized that action on Day 1.

After I finish up some business in town this morning, I shall update this thread before I hop on a late night flight home. The results of the alleged negotiations between the warring parties should be complete by then and the direction of the ware clarified to a point where the new Russian military strategy a bit clearer.

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