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Folks, It Is About to Get A Lot Worse

Hard to believe right?

Prices are doubled or higher from just a year ago.

Our borders no longer exist and radical terrorists from other nations roam our streets freely.

Senior citizens who simply walked inside and taking video within the Capitol building on January 6th are getting a year in jail while career criminals who allegedly kill people are set free.

Shortages are still happening in our nation and will soon return.

An ex-President has his home raided by a corrupt Department of Justice which was a first in history.

The Federal Reserve, America’s central bank, along with hundreds of judges, Congressmen and women, Senators, and bureaucrats have been illegally trading stocks and bonds which benefited financially from their own government actions.

Regional wars are breaking out all over the world, be they in Ukraine, Africa, Asia, or the cartel wars in Mexico at a faster pace.

And yet you, my readers, take a deep breath and think “this can’t get any worse, no way.”

Folks, it is about to get a lot worse.

As in Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire meets The Purge worse.

In my lifetime, I have never seen the United States of America at the precipice like this.

The former President of the United States will probably be indicted and arrested on national television.

There is a high probability that an ally of the US will fall as China invades Taiwan creating an economic nightmare our nation’s leadership has never envisioned. If our military attempts to intervene, the humiliation and losses the US military will incur will be beyond the comprehension of most of our nation.

The financial system is about to take another leg down starting any moment now as the froth, fraud, and idiots who run our nation at the Fed and politically throw more gasoline on to an already massive fire of inflation and malfeasance allowing the system to implode even faster.

The elections will be changed to “accommodate” the new national emergency, guaranteeing even greater civil unrest on top of the visceral outrage of retirees losing 40, 50, maybe 80% of their pensions and retirement funds. Government abuse of its citizens will increase with some large scale “preventive detentions” of troublesome individuals occurring.

Food shortages and inflation will be off the charts and actual starvation in some inner cities on our shores may occur. Thousands of farms will go bankrupt and be acquired by the very powers that promote the “alternative” food and energy programs which no sane person wants.

Energy prices are about to reverse their downward course and in addition to shortages of supply, the costs of this surge will force massive layoffs as manufacturers can not operate with absurdly high electricity prices (like Europe is enduring now). Blackouts and brownouts in the depths of winter will become the new norm for Americans.

This is what it is like to live through a major historical moment ladies and gentlemen.

Your time to prepare is running out.

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