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Another Request from Readers: Full Prepetorial Series now Available

First, a heartfelt thank you to all the old timers who have followed my antics from my radio days until now. During that turbulent 2007 era, yours truly published a series of “Prepetorials” a phrase that I coined indicating the combination of prepping or survivalist advice along with a fictional premise and of course editorializing.

Ever since my Telegram channel was discovered, a lot of my old friends have started to email me and contact me there.

Some of my followers asked me first to publish The Day the Dollar Died series, and now I can present the full ten part series of Prepetorials for my readers, old and new. Oddly enough, some of what I speculated about has come true, some has not, and some terrifyingly close to reality now.

Enjoy all of the stories, unedited and published straight from 15 years ago verbatim, at the following links below:

Prepetorial #1: “I saw a flash”

Prepetorial #2: Casino Currency

Prepetorial #3: Running on Empty

Prepetorial #4: “I never knew”

Prepetorial #5: Eat Your Guns

Prepetorial #6: “Take Two Aspirin and Call me in October”

Prepetorial #7: Friend or Foe

Prepetorial #8: End of the System

Prepetorial #9: U.R.A.

Prepetorial #10: One Flu Over the Cuckoos Nest

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  1. Peter Peter 03/14/2022

    15 years? Crikey, time flies. Thanks for putting these up John!

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 03/15/2022

      You are most certainly welcome!

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