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Prepetorial #4: “I never knew”

By John Galt

November 12, 2007

            It was a typically boring Saturday afternoon in suburbia. It did not seem like just one year ago, the grocery stores and malls had been bombed across America by the Arabs, but “whatever” I thought as I settled down to another fine afternoon of college football. The usual highway checkpoint warnings were scrolling across the bottom of the screen but I did not care as I was in the safety of Mackinaw, IL, where our sheriff would have no part of the nonsense the big cities had and the threats our largest town, Peoria, was under. The games turned out to be somewhat sloppy again as I flipped through all the channels, as the military  draft had made the quality of the games drop dramatically. No big deal I thought, as here we were just two weeks from Thanksgiving, businesses were starting to come back and Christmas 2010 was going to be a relief from the economic nightmare we had been enduring.

            The Illini were stomping Michigan again, so there wasn’t much point in watching the game and the other games were winding down. I decided to go outside and do a little yard work when I looked down the street and noticed that there were at least eight cars at Mike Shaw’s house. Although he was a huge football fan, even for him it was unusual to have a football party at his house when his wife was still in town. I walked down the block and knocked on the door and the lovely Mrs. Shaw answered and said “Hi John, are you here for the game?” Not knowing any different I replied “yes, even though it’s a blowout again” and she nodded and waved me in. Mike burst from the door of his basement looking concerned and shouted “who is…” and before he could finish I said “Hello Neighbor” which appeared to surprise him. He beckoned me to follow him into the living room and it was empty except for his HDTV blaring the game with only three minutes left. Mike then stunned me with a question; “do you really know what’s going on?” I looked at Mike and acting smart said “of course, we’re under a constant terrorist threat and we’re kicking butt in Iran and Africa to end this thing once and for all.” So smart and smug I felt at that point in time, or so I thought. Mike asked a really interesting question after that: “Are you a S.A.G.?”

            Even though I had a bit of a beer stupor about me, I said “no, I’m too old to play Boy Scout” and left it at that. Mike then nodded to his wife and she pressed a button under the counter of her microwave cart. The basement door buzzed then unlocked popping open. I had that “duh” look on my face and Mike waved for me to come downstairs. There, before my eyes, was half my neighbors and some friends from afar. I had that deer in the headlight look when Mike said “just shut up and listen” as he moved a cardboard box and two of my neighbors clicked the safeties back on their rifles. There was a ham radio, or so I thought. I spoke up immediately and said “those are illegal” and Mike said, “yes, but it’s not a transmitter, just an old shortwave radio.” He tuned it to 6.937 on the dial and it sputtered some indistinguishable garble until he hit the SSB button and turned a few other knobs. As I tried to listen, Mike looked at me and asked the most bizarre question: “Do you know what’s really going on?” I just sputtered “no, I guess not since half my neighbors and friends are in your basement with rifles and shotguns listening to a radio instead of the ball game.” Mike told everyone to “shut up, it’s half after” and with that the music of “God Bless America” with a  slight warbling echoed from the speaker’s radio. Then the announcement of the “Voice of Free America is on the air” came blaring through. Ah cool I thought, this is another pirate station like the ham guy down the street had before they arrested him for interfering with the military frequencies and I would hear some neat stuff. Then the lady came on the air and started to speak:

            “This will be a fifteen minute program this evening folks for listeners in the Midwest region. Fear not as God will not turn his back on our desire for freedom. And now the news. In the small town of Bardstown, KY 127 patriots were rounded up by the military and SAG in an effort to quell the sympathizers to the terrorist rebellion which started in Amarillo last year. These brave men and women were rounded up in the middle of the night from their homes for violation of the military order against firearm ownership and continuing ham radio operations. We pray for our brothers and will do all we can to free you. This brings the number of patriots apprehended to over one million, three hundred thousand as of this broadcast. In other news, the United Nations has announced….”

Suddenly, as the news, or fiction I thought, got good, a buzzer went off like I heard to get down here and all of the men but four ran up the stairs with Mike and I followed them to the living room where the next game was blaring on ESPN. I asked Mike “what’s up?” and he said “shut up, drink beer, play along and you’ll survive this.” I was stunned. This was my best friend for years and he had that look in his eyes like those psychos on CSI. We all settled into the living room to watch the game when suddenly a knock was heard at the door. It was a deputy from the county sheriff’s office and he said “Mike Shaw” and of course he said “yes sir”. “You do realize that having more than four cars at your address is a felony now, don’t you?” and the deputy along with about fourteen SAGs had there hands on their guns. Mike uttered in a fearful manner “but deputy, it’s the big game, I was just having a football party” and ushered the deputy in the door where most of the boys were just laughing it up and swilling beer like it was going out of style. The deputy said in an authoritative voice “break it up boys, and don’t make me give you sobriety tests” and everyone replied back “yes sir”.

With the party breaking up, we all started to leave when Mike said to me, hang out for a few minutes, we need to have a laugh. After the deputy and his helpers left, we started to talk. I said “what was that on the shortwave, a play?” Mike said sheepishly, “no, that’s reality, that’s where we are at now.” “But I never hear that on CNN or even Fox” I whimpered like a little girl. Mike then told the story about how the amateur radio operator, or ham, up the street may have seemed to be a freak,  but was arrested for refusing to turn his equipment in. And then he said that the ownership of that Sony shortwave radio I saw could get his entire family sent off to a camp. “Mike, you’re on crack” I said. Then he pointed out something I never thought about. “Remember the order to turn in all firearms so the sags or Sheriff’s Auxiliary Groups would be well armed to deal with the threats from abroad?” I looked at him and replied “you’ve joined the conspiracy nuts, haven’t you?”. “No” Mike said, “I wish that were the case. The government has the military deployed around the world fighting everywhere. They have mobilized the local police and sheriff offices to keep the peace, be it Islamic terror or those who believe in the Constitution. Why do you think you see German troops when you go shopping in Peoria?”

“My God, do you realize what you are saying?” I uttered to Mike and he just motioned me back to the basement. “This is the only shortwave radio left in the neighborhood and you need to listen to the foreigners warning everyone away and the fighting occurring on our own soil.” Mike was dead serious. And his friends just looked alarmed as they motioned for us to come over towards the radio. “Now what?” Mike uttered in a deadly serious voice. “They just declared martial law in Atlanta” and with that spoken by Dave I turned pale white. “See” Mike said, “this is far from over and getting worse, it’s not as it seems and you need to know.”

“Oh My God!” I thought to myself. My little world has changed. There’s more than to what the media has been telling me. And now, unprepared as I was, my little slice of heaven was about to change because I dared to get nosy and learn what’s going on. Information was dangerous, and now, I was in danger……

In this fictional scenario outlined above, the average schmuck just got the wake up call of his life. The information the main stream media had been presenting to him and his family through the filtered and propagandized version of corporatist American news was no longer true, no longer to be trusted. The short wave radio, a medium long thought dead and useless was providing current, useful yet dangerous information to save lives and try to point out that all is not as it seems. The information received from “pirate” stations may or may not be true as in the scenario presented above, there will be military Psy-Op operations being conducted also, to try to lure suckers into the open. The information you might hear in the future from the government and media may well be more filtered, more steered than ever, that is up for you to determine. But if I were to continue this story, you would hear how our hapless friend started listening to news from New Zealand and Australia, from Ecuador and Brazil, and how the world was not really as we were reporting it domestically. The information could save your family’s life, but the investment in a shortwave radio is too radical you may say. Well, let’s see where that fallacy falls into the pit of conformity and surrender.

The internet, our current method of transmitting massive amounts of news and information, will be the first thing the powers that be clamp down upon. They will silence the voices and websites which broadcast or type information they deem “unhelpful” to their economic, political or military objectives. If you dare to speak out or host sites which are considered “objectionable” you may find yourself facing imprisonment for sedition or “crimes against the world” or some other such nonsense. The idea that once something major hits you’ll just be able to go log in and read all about it will come to a close.

The Main Stream Media? Forget about it. Do you honestly think that all of the “civil defense” and EAS junction boxes were installed at every radio station just so the government, be it American or UN lead, would let that kind of power, the ability to broadcast the truth, occur unopposed? The MSM will fold and cooperate in a heartbeat because they do not have the national interest, but their own economic self-interests at heart. They relish the idea of an oligopoly  where no independent voice of truth can be heard and their truth, as determined elsewhere, will become the facts and reality of the land. If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes truth. If you remove enough people who do tell the truth, then only the lies will be heard.

Do your family and yourself a favor; get a decent shortwave radio now. If you are a qualified ham radio operator, have a spare rig stashed away, just in case you are required to turn your equipment in. The situation we are about to encounter in the years to come will not just be an economic disaster, but a nexus which indicates the path we will follow as a nation. Based on the course of human history up to this point, a failing civilization, or empire has only one logical choice since most of it’s citizens would rather watch the game instead of protecting freedom. That choice will be the one to suppress the freedoms of it’s citizens and manufacture the information which will be considered most “practical” for day to day survival.

Get the ability to acquire information independent of all sources immediately.

Before it’s too late.

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