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Why is New York City Publicizing Nuclear War Preparedness All of the Sudden?

Let us being this question with the absurd Public Service Announcement from the New York City Emergency Management website:

Before I rant about this ad, why now? Why all of the sudden fifty freaking years after the original “Red Scare” is this suddenly an issue? And for God’s sake, why does anyone sane think this “woke” approach is going to work?

The first issue I detect is “get inside fast” which means that one is outside when a blast occurs. Assuming the Russians or Chinese are the instigators of such an attack, the yield would be north of 500 kT on a major US city, more than sufficient to obliterate over 500,000 people during the initial attack; the numbers would probably double afterwards. Considering that the civil defenses of America have been in neglect since the early 1980’s, odds are that number will be considerably higher.

If one is outside when the largest Russian warhead is detonated (estimates at 800 kT+), the odds are if they are not vaporized by being near the weapon’s central detonation point, then the resulting firestorm would implode their lungs or worse, incinerate the individual to death. So “get inside fast” is sort of like saying let’s die slow in a burning building instead of being vaporized.

My body, my choice.

Secondly, if you’re going to stay inside as the video says, one had best have their shit together preparing for such an event. Near ground zero and usually within 30 kilometers the firestorms will destroy most structures in the area. Outside of the initial blast zone, random fires will break out due to fallout and debris which is in flames and raised up into the atmosphere falling down on structures. While that will not be like the hellish inferno inside the blast zone, it is survivable IF one is prepared.

There are strategies one can do to survive a nuclear attack withing the 30-60 kilometer zone, but if the individual(s) have not planned for such an event, the odds decrease dramatically.

Thirdly, and the most laughable portion was to “monitor media.”


What “media” survives a direct nuclear strike? ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox? Unlikely. The local radio stations? Even more unlikely. Cable news networks and the internet? Doubtful. The biggest joke was to go to the New York City Emergency Services website as despite the belief of Ms. Woke in the video, not only will the internet be somewhat unavailable, but odds are every cellular telephone tower within a 50 km radius will be toast; not to mention those idiots in the ivory tower who came up with this PSA.

To “monitor media” is a joke. One had best have a SSB capable shortwave radio (Shameless plug: Like the Amazon ad to the right of this story) to monitor amateur radio sources many of whom will survive such an attack, albeit not not in the numbers that exist today.

Folks, it’s time for a reality check. A nuclear war is survivable to those who prepare depending on one’s personal location and plan. Since 90% of the American population is unprepared, the fatality rate in such an event should be assumed to be at the high end of estimated casualty count during and after a nuclear attack by a foreign power.

The bigger question is this:

Why issue such a public service announcement at this moment in time, when everyone with common sense knows that America’s civil defense is as pathetic as it ever has been with a low survival rate baked into the numbers?

On the positive side, you too can survive a nuclear war. My old radio guest Shane Conner outlined that when I broadcast live on the air and some great tips are listed below at the link.

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