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cBS News: Climate Change Helped the Taliban Win (Seriously, not the Onion)

Just when you think that the Fake News Media can not go over the cliff any more than they have covering up for Senile Joe and trying to tell us that those thousands of people who are desperate to flee the Taliban are just patiently waiting in line at the airport, along comes cBS News with this gem of a story (h/t Twitchy):

I thought to myself, “no way could they even be this stupid.”

I’ve decided to quit thinking to myself and do something more productive, like finishing off my entire collection of fine scotch this afternoon.

This excerpt speaks volumes:

The Taliban has capitalized on the agricultural stress and distrust in government to recruit supporters. Alam said the group has the means to pay fighters more, $5-$10 per day, than what they can make farming. 

“[Farmers] fall into choices. That’s when they become prey to people who would tell them, ‘Look, the government is screwing you over and this land should be productive. They’re not helping you. Come and join us; let’s topple this government,'” said Nadim Farajalla, director of the climate change and environment program at the American University of Beirut.

So it’s not the Taliban demanding they quit subsistence farming and plant opium or they will kill the farmer’s entire family. It’s not the fact that most of the people in the far reaches of Afghanistan have very little to do with or understanding of how to get aid from their central government. It’s not the various terrorist groups launching attacks back and forth for territory and recruiting young men at gun point from their families to convert into Islamist soldiers.

It’s my fault. Because I drive a SUV. Because I refuse to believe in man made climate change.

Good God if any of you watch the “mainstream” media for your your source of daily information, please seek help or start addicting yourself to heroin or some other hard drug as you are too far gone to help and an actual threat to humanity.

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