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Congrats to Biden: Communist China Begins Occupation of Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

Published 03.10.21 01:03 UTC –

Way, way, way back in American and world history on September 7, 2021 the South China Morning Post out of Hong Kong published the following story:

China denies it is taking over Afghan military site that was US base


China has denied suggestions that it is set to take over an Afghan military airfield that was the United States’ largest base in the troubled country.

Beijing was not in talks with the Taliban to transfer the right to use Bagram Airfield for operational needs, contrary to media reports, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.

“What I can tell everyone is that that is a piece of purely false information,” Wang said.

The only thing worse than a lying Wang is a lying Milley, but I digress.

While the American public is enjoying it’s public stupor or intoxication over SEC football (is there any other kind?) and waiting to see if Senile Joe eats some ice cream, sniffs some minor child’s hair, or starts World War III, the enemies of our nation are actually moving forward:

The translation is as follows:

Just because CNNMSDNCFNCABCCBSNBCWAPOWSJ, etc. have not confirmed this does not mean it has not happened today as the freelance reporter from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports int the Tweet above.

But the balance of power in Central Asia has changed dramatically in just 120 days; all because a senile American President wanted an “accomplishment” while eating ice cream and taking afternoon naps.

Wow, was that easy to predict:

China Considering Occupying Bagram Air Base as Predicted

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