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It’s All Falling Apart: Bush-Obama-Biden Iraq Edition (Video Extravaganza)

No, I’m not a “die hard” MAGA Trumper, but if one does actually report the facts, the Trump administration did not have the type of problems that the three MiC’s (Moron’s-in-Chief) that these clowns experienced in the Middle East. In fact, for the first time in almost twenty years, Iraq was a relatively stable nation under the Trump administration compared to the other three.

Fast forward to the feeble junta in power now.

Biden sent troops to Somalia, Yemen, but left small forces in Syria for no strategic reason other than to steal 70,000 bpd of oil and an undermanned group in Iraq. The forces were sent there to convince Iran that the US was serious about dealing with their overseas terrorist threat. In reality the forces dispatched are so small as to act as nothing but trip wires or bait for an attack by the local forces. You know, sort of like the Taliban in Afghanistan as we retreated.

Fast forward to today and The Arab News headline from Saudi Arabia says it all:

The Green Zone is under heavy attack by forces opposed to the government that the US and Saudis supported. The Kuwaitis have already evacuated their citizens and warned them not to travel there.

Here is the video from the US Embassy in Baghdad today:

How bad is it there. Here are a series of videos from the Telegram channel BellemActaNews to give everyone a clue:

At least they enjoyed the Presidential swimming pool.

And it’s expanded to Basra:


At least for us American Taxpayers, we know our billion dollars wasted made sure the sirens worked.

I guess the “enemy” still has effective drones.

I keep finding more and more video, so I hope y’all enjoy watching the world melt down. I’ll add as I can tonight and in the morning.

Thankfully after all this thus far, there were no mean tweets.

That is of little comfort to those witnessing the birth of a Great Reset, the deaths of their loved ones, and a sunset of Pax Americana.

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