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2021 in Review: The Year of WTF (Videos Included)

There is no other jargon, no other phrase, no other words to describe 2021 other than What the F*ck.

Let’s face it. On January 6th the FBI staged a fake insurrection which the Fake News Media claimed was fatality driven with government officers dying and the reality is it turns out that the only people to die were two women who were not even engaged in attacking anyone.

Then we move forward to Nancy Pelosi turning our nation’s capitol into Fort Lonesome by militarizing Washington, D.C. in the expectation that 100,000 drunken rednecks were going to attack with their AR-15’s and destroy the Constitution once and for all.

25,000 Guardsmen Are In The Capital, Five Times The Troops In Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq Combined

And that was just January.

Fast forward to February and the hints of what was going to be one of the lead stories for the year hit the news but few outside of Washington, D.C. paid attention:

Packaging shortages to hit supply chains

Oops. The of course the world’s economic overlords hit us with the first of many WTF headlines for the year:

Great Reset: World Economic Forum Hails ‘Quieter’ Cities as Businesses Collapse During Lockdown

Apparently the WEF clowns have never been to Chicago, Oakland, or Philadelphia to hear the ring of bullet ricochets in the night.

Of course the China Virus hysteria wasn’t our only problem, there was the climate change hysteria to match:

Masks for cows aim to filter burps to curb greenhouse gas emissions

Just WTF.

Then again our military has become a giant joke, as 2021 illustrates:

The Covidiocy continued, which I shall highlight in another thread, but this photo just took the cake:

Then again this White House hired “influencer” had the world saying WTF to America:

Just too many facepalms this year, way, way too many.

Of course sometimes you just have to hold your nose to post the news as the WTF parade hit the NFT insanity at full speed:

NYC man sells fart for $85, cashing in on NFT craze

The “art” world said “hold muh Grigio” to the NFT loons thought with this classic:

Italian Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture For $18,000

The FakeNews Media refused to be topped while proclaiming NASCAR fans were actually just cheering a race car driver named “Brandon” when everyone heard them chant “F Joe Biden”:

The news only gets more insane as the senile el Presidente is still in power. I mean after all, how in the WTF does Taco Bell run out of hot sauces?!?!?

Taco Bell latest fast-food chain to face supply shortages

OR worse, Chick-Fil-A:

As if Senile Joe Biden Doesn’t Suck Enough, Now America has a Chick-Fil-A Sauce Shortage!!!

Thankfully, as the summer moved on, San Francisco returned to sanity, er, never mind that:

Oregon though says, “here, hold muh beer” with this WTF to one up San Fruitcisco:

Then President Senior moment had his South Vietnam moment with the military cargo jets dropping Afghans off their wheels wells to their deaths:

Not just a WTF, but a pathetic, sad moment marking the start of the final decline and fall of our nation as a serious global power.

The media of course decided to chip in with its usual WTF story about how America completely blew it in Afghanistan by blaming it on your Lincoln Navigator:

How anyone can take the FakeNews Media seriously is beyond me.

Then the big WTF moment swept under the rug as quickly as it appeared was the news that the Governors of the Federal Reserve were involved in market manipulation, er, personal stock investing too:

Needless to say, the Federal Judiciary was not going to be topped by a bunch of hack banksters:

More than 130 Federal Judges Broke the Law by Hearing Cases Involving Their Own Financial Interests

But don’t worry, they only focus on “the law” unless your case involves one of their investments, wink, wink, nod, nod.

The WTF stupidity of our government only accelerated in the fall of 2021 with this hare-brained idea popping up:

‘Wacky’ or serious? Trillion-dollar coin eyed as workaround to US debt impasse

The financial market insanity only intensified as the Everything Bubble continued to inflate though:

People Are Taking Out Loans Against Their NFTs—And Defaulting

Weird how that happens when the end approaches but WTF, the government will, er, might, er, maybe bail them out.

Good thing we have strong leadership to hold invisible lecterns and steer us out of this inflationary mess:

And just when everyone thought everything that could be in short supply was covered, your 2021 WTF Christmas moment:

Santa Claus may not be coming to town this year amid hired Santa shortage

This just makes my teeth hurt too.

Needless to say, Australia, the land of Covid Concentration Camps is not to be topped for liberal stupidity:

President Brandon however refused to be topped by a bunch of Kangaroo lovers:

Let us all close this year out being thankful it is over. It’s been a nightmare. An actual by God, Idiocracy WTF nightmare. So enjoy this final story where the phrase “parakeet orgy” crossed my news feed tonight:

Parakeet orgy?

How much worse can 2022 get? I shall attempt to answer that by bringing back my annual WTF prediction thread and a dark, dangerous outlook in a separate thread about the end of empires with the consequences for the citizens; especially those who are clueless as to the implications of when a Rome fails and falls.

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