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07.17 20:15 ET BREAKING: 2 Ukrainian Fighter Jets Allegedly Tailing Malaysian Air Flight MH17 Before Intercept

by John Galt July 17, 2014 20:15 ET Consider the fog of war please when reading all of the stories tonight as Russia, the Ukraine, the US and NATO all have their own interests in tilting world opinion and the story of this unfortunate incident to their propagandist favor. However, if this story tonight which just broker via Russia’s ITAR-TASS news service verifies, then the Ukrainian government is guilty of endangering this flight by trying to sneak two fighters into combat by hiding behind the commercial passenger airliner. From ITAR-TASS tonight:…

Reason #1,998 to not Watch MSNBC for News: Malaysian Airliner Brought down by “Blast from Howard Stern’s Ass”

by John Galt July 17, 2014 19:30 ET Yup. the network is truly managed and run by total freaking morons and losers. Thank you Washington Beacon for saving this for posterity. And thank you Howard Stern for proving once again that the internet or my cat’s butt provides more accurate information than any NBC News product.

Guess What Was the True Flight to Safety Today: Gold or Stocks?

by John Galt July 17, 2014 17:10 ET That stupid barbaric metal which CNBC continually has guests on to slam did not do bad with a plane being shot down over war-torn Ukraine and the start of ground war between Israel and Hamas it seems that stupid shiny metal demonstrated why it is still the universal currency and the actual definition of SAFETY during times of political and economic duress. Meanwhile in stocks, the S&P 500 was SLAMMED as soon as the warning sign “RISK OFF” started to flash: Gee, what…

07.17.14 1630 ET BREAKING: Israel Begins Ground Invasion of Gaza Strip

by John Galt July 17, 2014 16:30 ET 18:19 ET – 00:37 (Via the Times of Israel Blog again) Rocket from Syria lands near Israel Sirens are heard on the Golan Heights as one rocket is fired from Syria and lands close to the border with Israel, Israel Radio reports.   00:30 (Via the Times of Israel Blog again) ‘IDF not yet heading into most complex areas’ Housing Minister Uri Ariel says the IDF is not yet heading into “the most complex areas” of Gaza. At this stage, the operation will…

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