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Breaking News: Project Veritas Video Part 2 – We Need to Use Blow Darts to Vaccinate African Americans

Where does one start with this video with where a Mr. Taylor Lee who is listed as an economist at the Food and Drug Administration, actually stated that to vaccinate African Americans using blow darts with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was the answer. In fact after a few drinks, it sounds like it was his answer to everything.

But that was not the most shocking statement he made in the second part of the Project Veritas undercover video.

Here is the entire video via YouTube which will soon be deleted because of Google’s anti-science pro-Soviet government support:

For redundancy, here is the video via Rumble (my preferred option):

Based on what was stated in this video tonight, including a registry of unvaccinated Americans, that should give individuals pause because this bureaucrat is what the majority of our government, including the elites at the higher ranks of the military, actually thinks of the average American citizen.

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