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Covidiocy 2022: New, Improved, More Dramatic and Stupider than the 2021 Edition


Tonight, as I type this rant about more insanity from the Viral Virus Nazis, here we go with some breaking news:

The good news is there is no indication that this is like the French variant B.N.1940 which caused French citizens or anyone who caught the disease to have this insane desire to get sick, surrender to the nearest German, and have advanced sexual desires with any man or woman in a Hugo Boss uniform.

Of course, please remember that this is breaking news and the symptoms are subject to change.

In other Covidiocy, this beaut hit my news feed over the holidays and all I can say is this screams mental illness:

Yeah, but don’t worry, the man in charge of the Department of Defense, a truly brave courageous man who dresses like a food server on a cruise ship has finally succumbed and after getting the vaccine, the second shot, and the booster broke wind, er, news today:

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin contracts COVID-19

About that “effective” part of these “safe and effective” vaccines, America would like a word with Big Pharma. Good thing Austin was not selected for his intelligence, ability to lead a military unit, being a dick to lower ranking officers (he was), lying to Congress (he did), or immune system. He was selected as Secretary of Defense to get General Milley to put on the lipstick and drum out people who actually wanted to fight for that archaic document called the “constitution” and by God Austin has done a bang up job selling America out.

But wait, I said “new and improved Covidiocy” and I shall not disappoint my audience:

I just thought this was another insane person, then I read more of it’s/her/they/them tweets and yes, it’s real, and no I could not have possibly drank enough over the holidays to conceive being on a flight with ‘it.’

Needless to say, our holiday season and bowl traditions like Rose Bowl were unable to escape the modern Covidiocy:

Now add in the endless ads of propaganda, nonsense, moronic “science” from the D.C. clown club has scared the average poorly educated American into acting like an idiot to get a test the minute they get the sniffles or cough during winter (in my day we called it the common cold):

It’s like that in Florida also even though elderly, vaccinated residents should be safe, they want to be part of the communist “oh woah is me, me too I had an eye booger so I must have caught it” tribe of dumb people whose desire to be inclusive is more important that living their lives like a normal soul.

Then of course there are things like that above.

God help us but thankfully Dr. Robert Malone, Joe Rogan and others are acting with some degree of sanity to counteract this nonsense. Let’s hope that Florida and the sane scientists of the world bring us back from the brink of “Mass Formation Psychosis” but I’m not too hopeful.

From Texas A&M doing this? Neal Boortz assured me that his alma matter wasn’t full of Covidtards but I guess that was long, long ago.

Amen brother who posted this, amen, this is beyond stupid.

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