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08.03.20 20:15 ET

EDIT: UPDATE 10 p.m. ET….S&P E-mini futures just went limit down at 2818 again tonight and are now locked until the market open. Look for a disaster at 09:30 ET tomorrow. Asian markets are getting smoked and the news is getting worse across the board.

Nightmares abounds tonight…

Deepening Rout in U.S. Stock Futures Triggers Limit Down Rules

According to the CBOE, the limit is 5% down in the ES-Mini (S&P 500 ) futures contract. We nailed that in less than 3 hours of trading tonight causing a brief circuit breaker or pause in trading.

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However that chart does not do it justice. The US 10 year and especially the 2 year Treasury instruments are indicating a disaster of epic proportions as the smart money flees EVERYTHING:

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Panic first, beat the rush I say, yet no one listens.

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