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Here Come the Food Shortages

09.04.20 23:40 ET

The average American is so spoiled they think that food shortages can not occur in the land of plenty.

The shocking story of Florida dairy farmers dumping milk surprised a lot of my “social media” followers. And I do not understand why. The Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration set up this disaster and every President since ignored it. So are you shocked?


Hell, we have been enduring a toilet paper, paper towel, and Lysol panic for weeks now. Bleach is almost impossible to find if you do not have a brain. N95 masks? Forget about it. Latex or Nitrile gloves? Bunk, even cheap crappola Harbor Freight is out.

But food shortages? Nah, no way.


That is what tons of rotting squash, zucchini and yellow squash looks like in Homestead, FL outside of a farm. They can not sell it. America’s fruit and vegetable breadbasket for the winter produces vast amounts based on resorts, restaurants, and northern markets being able to buy our fruits and vegetables from Florida.

But NAFTA changed all that.

The previous three Presidents allowed subsidized American owned corporate Mexican mega-farms to sell products to our northern states at below market rates since the late 1990’s. The complaints from our farmers and those from Texas, California and other states were ignored. Now? It’s a problem. Tons, not just tons, millions of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables will be plowed under. But that’s just the start.

Smithfield temporarily shuts pork plant after 80-plus employees contract coronavirus

Major Meat Processors Shutting Down Plants As Employees Get Sick With COVID-19

Threat of Sick Workers at U.S. Meat Plants Forces Policy Changes

And that’s just the meat processing plants. Add in frozen foods, imports, etc. and we have a problem people. Think that’s bad? The transportation and logistics system is breaking down also:

Truckers Cut Spending as Factory Slowdown Weighs on Operators

So despite all the patriotic pleas for our truckers, the investors are breaking the backs of our transportation system. How? Let me spell it out for you for the rookies.

Consolidators were all the rage the past 10 years. The ability to use logistical analysis software to consolidate shipments for the consignee (receiver) from multiple locations into a centralized storage and distribution center based on a regional location worked great.

Until they were forced to close.

So now thousands of trailers, rentals and company owned equipment is now tied up storing freight which may not be delivered for many, many, many (enough many’s?) months. Now try to force a truckload or twenty of Spam or Viva paper towels through that warehouse. Not enough drivers, not enough trailers, not enough dock workers at $12 per hour, not enough storage. See my point?

That doesn’t even approach our ability to ship fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, frozen foods, etc.

There are limitations people.

And that is before 30-40% of our drivers fall ill to the Chinese Virus.

Rationing is coming, I hope my readers were prepared.

P.S.-If you do stop at a truck stop, buy our heroes a cup of coffee or a meal. They are risking their lives to feed your family.

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