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The NASCAR Version of the Federal Reserves Pandemic Response

09.04.20 17:50 ET

Today the Federal Reserve basically created risk free “capitalism” for all; if you have enough money to play along. However the various acronyms and programs are so confusing in response to the Wuhan Flu pandemic, I feel it is my civic duty to translate all of the programs in the most common language for the average real American to understand:


First, grab a case of Busch Light and drink at least ten to twelve of them, because with this pandemic, one does not need to gain weight and you will need it to comprehend just what the hell has happened to our nation.

Put on your baseball cap and follow along. When the pandemic was finally realized by the bankster community and the stock markets started to crash, it looked sort of like this type of wreck during your average NASCAR race:

Not too bad, the damage put some cars out of the race and the race continued after the clean up and a brief yellow flag. The Federal Reserve however wanted only one or two cars to be in the winner’s circle, so instead of putting a yellow flag out there to slow down the racers and stop the stock market from crashing, they ran the tow truck out there with a green flag, causing a bigger wreck:

Even though the destruction to the economy seemed under control, the race restarted, and the Fed still was not happy. So last week they made their statement about what they were doing and said, “no more yellow flags or red flags” and ran a fully loaded gasoline tanker into that crash making an even bigger wreck worse:

Certainly that would stop the race, right? Nah. The Federal Reserve today decided that the fires were not big enough, the explosions not worthy of paying attention to, so they decided to wreck the entire raceway by loading every car with nitro glycerin and giving every driver a case of Busch Light to drink 1 hour before the race:

The reality?

The race is over. Risk is now insured by the taxpayer and any nation which wants to acknowledge the U.S. dollar as the true reserve currency. You can make a crap product, sell it, lose billions of dollars and the Federal Reserve will backstop it. You can sell fraudulent credit instruments to unaware senior citizen dupes, and the Fed will cover the seller. A company can juice its numbers, report massive losses and now they are legally and financially protected. Regulations are a joke, small business does not matter, and the free enterprise system which has been dying for 50 years in America is pretty much dead outside of the black markets which will form on a massive scale in the near future.

Capitalism took a shot to the heart today and over the last two weeks thanks to the corruption of our central bank and leaders. Instead of a quick but painful 1920 style economic depression, it would appear that the Federal Reserve and politicians not just in Washington, D.C. but in many states, would prefer a 1929 style decade(s) long disaster. The “we have to kill capitalism to save capitalism” bullshit mentality in this era will not cut it, when the pain really begins to set in.

Free markets are dead, fraud rules, and if you have enough money you now have a get out of being stupid or crooked free card courtesy of Jerome Powell.

Enjoy the race.

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