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The Post Pandemic World Part 1: The Surrendering

16.03.20 03:30 ET

One of my failures in life is the ability to predict or guesstimate disaster or research and uncover the glaring truths which remain hidden by deliberate efforts to misdirect the citizenry into courses of action which have long term consequences. The financial crisis of 2006-2010 was a minor indicator of just how severely unprepared our nation was for economic shocks of any magnitude in the modern era.

A decade later, here we are, witnessing the proverbial bug known as the economy splattering into a semi-truck windshield at 90 mph. What follows next however, makes the economy look like a footnote in history.

What the average American is witnessing today is not just a panic, it is the natural reaction to political elites and others in power who have spent fifty years of lying to the masses. Thus when a real crisis hits, the people see the sudden realization of the truth:

The elites really do not care about them and that they are on their own.

America is a unique society in so much as to strike out independently and survive and thrive on our own allows us the freedom to succeed or fail. That ideology has been under attack for well over 100 years however, and sadly has presented itself in the modern era with a divergence. One group of the population submitting to the idea of birth to grave government oversight with oversight of their daily lives, while the rest living under the ideals to some degree of the Founder’s of this nation.

Sadly, if this epidemic is as serious as what is being witnessed in Italy, I fear that a cold hard truth will emerge about the latter group; to preserve what they have earned and kept they will submit to the government also and abandon the U.S. Constitution.

The hints of this happening have started at the local level as this story from The Washington Examiner illustrates:

Illinois mayor signs executive order granting power to ban sale of guns and alcohol while addressing coronavirus


Among the powers Feinen gained after signing the executive order was the power to ban the sale of guns, ammunition, alcohol, and gasoline. Feinen could also cut off access to individuals’ gas, water, or electricity. The city also has the ability to “take possession of private property” or order the temporary closing of all bars or liquor stores.

In Texas, Florida and other independent minded states we guffaw at such insanity. This too will change. As Americans watch their 401K and other retirement accounts evaporate, employment vanish, and ability to maintain daily stocks of food and goods for their family’s survival human nature will take over.

The wild behavior I witnessed in grocery and big box stores this weekend was an illustration of the desperation. At a local Publix grocery store two grown men got into a fist fight over a bottle of Lysol cleaner. While talking to the assistant manager there, I found out the night before that a middle aged woman was sitting on the floor sobbing because she could not find toilet paper at any store she visited. Lastly at a local Target Superstore, the company posted an unarmed security guard to monitor the shoppers and prevent them from taking more than one package of toilet paper or paper towels. It is and shall continue only to get worse if not more insane in the weeks ahead. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of a man being stabbed with a broken bottle of wine from a Costco in Georgia:


But it got worse:

Coronavirus ’emergency’? Oregon police ask people to stop calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper

From the article:

The Newport Police Department posted the surprising message on its Facebook page as shoppers across the country have flocked to supermarkets to stock up on supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic that has put much of the world on edge.

“It’s hard to believe that we even have to post this. Do not call 9-1-1 just because you ran out of toilet paper. You will survive without our assistance,” NPD wrote.

With this kind of anti-social behavior, one has to ask the question: How long until the public begs, no demands the government intervene and stop this?

The government already has in the United Kingdom:

If anyone thinks for one minute “it can’t happen here” I would suggest they watch this video of individuals dying and being attended to in an intensive care unit (ICU) in Italy posted on Sky News this week:

Once Americans start seeing official sanctions forcing the rationing of supplies and their loved ones dying like those in Italy in large numbers, the next logical step sadly is the most frightening one:

The Surrendering

Why do I call what is about to happen by this name? As Americans as a group panic, the majority rule will demand the minority surrender their rights and submit to all government oversight to protect their retirement accounts and their “right” to goods and services be they groceries or medical assistance.

Gun rights? Out the window, you can keep yours but no more buying a firearm without supervision or permission. 1st Amendment? Laughable. Think about demands for “unverified” accounts being limited on what they can and can not say on radio, television, or more importantly the internet. The ability to run your business as you wish? Not once the panic takes full effect as the government will claim they must be in charge of all resources for “the good of the people.”

And military or law enforcement checkpoints?

People will beg for them to “protect” them from the virus or crime.

This is just the beginning of what we will witness as the inherent weakness of our economy’s dependence on globalism is exposed and the willingness of the average individual to take personal responsibility perishes.

In Part Two, I shall discuss the proverbial straw which breaks America’s back as the cracks are already showing.

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