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The Post Pandemic World Part 4: Silence

09.04.20 22:00 ET

The second wave has passed. The so-called conquering heroes of science are left with their jaws on the floor. Politicians begin to blame the scientists and their associated university colleagues whose claim to have all the expertise will be destroyed in the eyes of the public for decades to come. The public will blame big business, big pharma, big university, the political elites, and the scientific community for failing to prevent this disaster. The anger will be palpable, visible, and earthshaking.

But most of all it will be silent.

A silence will descend on the world.

The silence of death.

The third wave of economic and pandemic disaster will destroy the will of many in all societies. In America, unlike the 1919-1920 era, it will be fueled by an anger, a quiet fury displayed only on social media. The political elites will dismiss this as the “fringe” of society, even as they re-write history to fit their narrative.

Citizens who die from the disease will be diagnosed based on their age. Patient A had diabetes. Patient B was fat. Patient C had a pre-existing condition. Patient D was too old to save. Patient E was too young. And on and on the excuses shall go.

Then the economic excuses will begin. Joe Q. Public will be accused of expecting too much government to save them. Jill Q. Public will be accused of not preparing for a rainy day. Joe and Jill’s parents will be dismissed as too greedy and should not have listened to their financial adviser even if he was a crook and never charged. The politicians will say that the average American has it better than their grandparents during the “Great Depression” even though none of them could tell you anything about it if you shoved John Kenneth Galbraith’s book up their asses.

No matter, because the silence will persist.

The amount of death and despair will override the will of the average soul. Being locked down for month after month, to be released before the second wave, then locked down again, then released again before Christmas of 2020 then locked down again, will only create a resentment towards authority as a communist authoritarian style system is imposed on individuals and retaliation against those who enforce it begins.

But the media will only broadcast happy thoughts, sadness, then silence as a phony memorial to the “fallen.”

Your 401K will be declared “saved” by the elites, only to be rationed to you like Social Security until you die. Groceries will be available to you, Joe or Jill Q. Public as you need them. But not the great variety of choices you desire; it will be rationed based upon who you are, your income, and where you live. God forbid you are not in that “special” class wanting a Stouffers Frozen Lasagne on a Saturday night for your Netflix program of the week.

Everything by 2021 will be rationed.

Just like your freedoms.

As you scream at your smart television when it flickers and buffers.

Only to be replied with the same reply you get from your political leaders;


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