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This Isn’t Going to End Well

04.08.20 10:15 ET

I have been working and traveling a ton in the past month within the great state of Florida where we do not believe the idiots in the Fake News Media and actually live our lives and conduct commerce. But for those who think shutting down their states and crying in the fetal position is a good idea, I have bad news for all of you:

We might get a scratch from the next rollover.

Your states are going to get decapitated.


Four charts. That’s all you need to know. Then remember what I have posted in the past.

The top chart looks like trouble. The bottom one spells it out.

But let’s go “longer” term…

Choppy trade but no break to new all time lows; yet. Longer term, it’s ugly:

I stand by my prediction of long term deflation which the so-called “Great Reset” will be initiated to introduce not mild, but massive hyperinflation. It’s the only way to liquidate all of our debt the U.S. has printed and worse, to debase the currency to a point where in two to four years the populace demands a new currency stronger than the current US dollar.

If one thinks the new currency will not be based on a global central bank and structure, then nobody has really been paying attention. Buckle up and buy precious metals and ammo as after this election, things are going to go truly insane.

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