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Dr. Fraud Fauci Continues to Spout Nonsense to Terrorize the Mentally Weak

On Face the Nation yesterday, Dr. Fraudci said the most absurd thing about the Covid-19 China Virus pandemic to date:

Let’s digest what he stated and didn’t state in the interview above:

  1. The travel aspect will spread the disease like wildfire. So far, that’s 100% patently false. Infections in Texas and Florida, which have had a large influx of travelers have continued to decline.
  2. At the 3:45 mark in the video, this lunatic states that children should continue to wear masks when they play or interact with other children from differing households. Children under age 17 are at the lowest risk of infection or spreading the disease unless they fall into one of the high risk groups like diabetics or if they are infected with an immune system deficiency. The same for younger parents of these children so this is not a scientific statement, it is designed to scare the mentally weak who do not research and validate anything this clown or the government states.
  3. Zero statements about the risk of illegal immigrants crossing into Texas with a documented 10% infection rate and the potential for a major outbreak in HHS and DHS facilities. The coverup about unrestrained, untested illegal entry into the U.S. continues.
  4. Dr. Fraudci refuses to assign any responsibility to Communist China for their work in Wuhan which may indeed have spread the disease from their labs. Also in his view, the World Health Organization can do no wrong so burying the truth and any of his own interactions with China can continue to be covered up.
  5. Last but not least, Dr. Fraudci does not address the long term viability of the magic vaccine. Numerous reports have stated that at best the efficacy of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may be no longer than nine months. This means that the magic pill that the world’s governments and economies are depending on may not be viable in the long term.

Your mileage may vary folks, but statistics are statistics; if one is under age 70 and in relatively good health, your survival rate is 99.5%. Much, much higher if the individual is younger thus why this fraud should be called out on the scare tactics to insist that children continue to be forced to wear a face burka while playing together. The only purpose of which is to indoctrinate them into the model of centralized government control instead of protection from a low risk virus.

It is time to return to normal and quit allowing career bureaucrats control everyone’s lives.

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