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Covidiocy 2022: The Insanity Continues

Where does one start?

Let’s try earlier in the month with the CEO of one of the companies which created a non-vaccine vaccine that the FDA called a vaccine because the US government is invested in it when it’s truly only a therapeutic (allegedly) to those who get the shot:

Moderna CEO says fourth dose of COVID-19 vax will be needed this fall

I think I’ll pass and go buy a used car from the “buy here, pay here” guy in that part of town. Better yet, I’d trust the used car salesman to sell me a pacemaker first.

Of course, Australia, the new model for Communist China to follow one ups everyone with this announcement:

Tyranny! Unvaccinated Australians Told They Can’t Work or Even Exercise Anymore

Good thing a healthy body doesn’t fight off Covid-19, oh, wait a minute.

Have no fear though, the cruise industry has this thing under control after suing Governor Ron DeSantis to claim they know better about how to deal with the China Virus:

Maybe the passengers should have gotten their 50 booster shots first:

Repeat Booster Shots Spur European Warning on Immune-System Risks

Or maybe not.

Maybe, just maybe, if only the Europeans and US would copy the inventor of the Covid-19 virus, things might just get back to normal:

The reality of Zero Covid in Communist China: Social media videos show ‘quarantine camps’ where pregnant women and children are confined to tiny cells amid reports of mass detentions in the dead of night

Looks comfy, in an Auschwitz sort of way.

Thankfully, people are not losing it by overdoing it like the Chinese Communists:

Never mind my last comment. On the good news side of things? Our nation’s teachers have become more rational about this:

Ah well, if all that doesn’t scare normal people into behaving like lunatics, there’s always the typical ‘your penis may fall off if you get Covid’ kind of scare story:

Man’s agonizing penis pain is found to be rare side effect of COVID

As is typical of the Fauci types, low blows are never out of bounds. Welp, that’s my first Covidiocy of 2022. God I hope it is my last but with the globalist plans imploding daily, I sort of doubt it. Good luck to those of you behind enemy lines!

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