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Senator Jasper Irving Foresaw the Afghanistan Disaster in 2007

Before the discussion begins on Senator Irving, let us all review everything that has happened in the past ten weeks:

  • The Afghan military has collapsed and many have merged with the Taliban or back into civilian life.
  • The Taliban have seized the entire nation of Afghanistan against token opposition with assistance from the United States military in Kabul.
  • A “terrorist” attack hit U.S. troops at the Kabul airport killing 13 soldiers, wounding 18 more. Oh, and by the way, something the U.S. media has buried, killing over 200 Afghan civilians and wounding over 400 more, just trying to escape the tyranny that Generals like McKenzie and Milley were willing to “negotiate” with.
  • American generals claimed they were shocked to see everything that has happened, yet warnings from every intelligence agency told our leadership of the consequences of the orders given since May 2021.
  • Border nations are now militarizing their borders as a consequence of the U.S. government’s demonstrated incompetence. Pakistan appears to be one of the few regional powers willing to help evacuate U.S. citizens, green card holders, and Christian minorities; not the U.S. State Department.
  • China is now setting up financial deals and will probably occupy and update the form USAF base at Bagram.
  • The United Kingdom and most of NATO now view the U.S. government as an “unreliable” partner in overseas military operations.

Amazing track record for good old Senile Joe, eh?

Fast forward to today’s hearings where Congressman Matt Gaetz called out the pompous General Milley, America’s favorite (not really) globalist military leader:


Unfortunately for Matt, a reporter who covered Senator Jasper Irving answered all of the questions that the “General” refused to answer:

Oh, wait a minute, that’s fiction. Fiction in which Tom Cruise played a Senator in an anti-war movie produced by Robert Redford. Weirdly enough however, his prescient forecast of what happens after the U.S. leaves will come true. One would think that if a fictional account could have predicted what would happen and now has, the “smartest adults in the world” in Washington, D.C. and our so-called Department of Defense could have also.

The truly sad part? Everything that has happened is predictable to anyone who had a major in Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and South Asian history. Unfortunately, bureaucrats, not professional soldiers, run our military now; apparently at every level except for the poor bastards in the field. Thus why the attacks on former President Trump by those who betrayed him within the Department of Defense are now suddenly “brave” enough to attack the prior administration with critical statements and baseless accusations.

Even the much lauded General Mathis attacked President Trump after he left office, in direct violation of his military oath, and was loved even more by the left even though Trump only wanted an orderly withdrawal; not the deadly circus engineered by the pay-to-play brass in our Pentagon now. When Mattis was slaughtering Iraqis to achieve his military objectives the leftists in the media and of those in power were criticizing him for his course of action at the time. Then again we expect nothing less from the hypocrisy of the globalist left where the military is their toy now and they don’t want to break it.

The Afghanistan disaster is just now beginning. If we do have to return to that theater of operations, it will mean a direct confrontation with Communist Chinese forces in three years. Thus limiting any window of action, especially with the incompetent leadership in D.C. now and officially bringing the “war on terror” back home to our shores.

I am by no means supportive of the war in Afghanistan after 2014 nor the Pentagon as a whole; the war was managed and run in a totally incompetent matter after Obama’s surge. It was the failure to plan which caused a planned failure, almost as if by design to further collapse our republic.

Rome is falling, enjoy the show.

The shorter version of the clip with subtitles was posted by Benny Johnson yesterday; I’m somewhat shocked the censors have not figured out how damning this is for the Biden junta when listened to in the context of the Congressional hearings and funerals after the cut and run operation in Kabul.

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